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Professionally Restored Hot Tubs

If you are interested in a reconditioned Hot Tub, please follow our FACEBOOK  or INSTAGRAM page. Completed Hot Tubs will be posted here for purchase!

There has been an increasing demand for our reconditioned Hot Tubs. Due to the nature of the work required to get a tub into a Rebuilt status, we are unable to complete them fast enough to meet demand. 

Alternativley, you do not wish to wait for the next Tub to become available, you have the option to place a deposit on unfinished product and it falls into priority order for completion. Completion times vary from 2-4 weeks depending on schedule and work required. 

Full List of Available Options   >>INVENTORY<<

Want to see what these Hot Tubs look like? Come in during business hours and we'll be happy to show you around. Can't make it during our Hours of Operation? Give us a call and we'll make you an appointment at your convenience! Contact Us


We Rebuild/Refinish/Replace

  • Plumbing 

  • Seals

  • Jets 

  • Insulation 

  • Pumps 

  • Electrical Components/Topside 

  • Structural Components

  • Skirting/Panelling

  • Sealed Base for Pest Protection

  • New or Like New Cover 

  • Ozone

  • Water Tested

*Limited 1-Year Warranty. Any failing component within the first year will be repaired/replaced from our inventory of used parts. In the rare event that a new part is required, you pay our cost of the part and labour is free*

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Alistair at All Spa is the best! Stopped in at All Spa on the way to the hot tub show, we were impressed. Still carried on to the show but we were barely there 5 mins when we knew we had to head back to All Spa. Alistair is up front and honest and very knowledgeable on product questions from his years of service expertise. Appreciated the smooth delivery and installation help. Very pleased with the quality and value of our Sunrise spa. Enjoying it every day!

" I requested them based on their Facebook reviews so I second all things that have already been said! Best part though was when a bee flew into the tub as we were going through all the work that was done, and Alistair scooped the little guy up and placed him down where he could dry off and he happily (I presume) flew away! 
If that doesn’t indicate the type of person you’re dealing with, I don’t know what else I could say! Great, courteous, professional service. Thanks guys!

A family business in every sense of the word. I feel like extended family with these guys! Alistair from All Spa Repairs in Abbotsford is an honest, fair, prompt, knowledgeable, and efficient (QUICK) spa technician. Not much more I can say about this company besides the fact that I won't be calling anyone else for my spa! These guys will ALWAYS get my business. ”
“Great service and a true passion for their industry, I highly recommend these guys!”
“Alistair is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I have no hesitation recommending All Spa for anyone who owns a hot tub and needs someone for support. I feel much more confident about my maintenance because I have them as a resource.”

Your Go-To Team for Hot Tub Sales and Repairs

Experience, integrity, and friendly service.

All Spa Repairs is Abbotsford's, and the Fraser Valley's, preferred choice for hot tub sales, service and parts.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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The Hot Tub Guy
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We are a small family business! Sat/Sun/Mon are our Hot Tub Delivery days, but we are more than HAPPY to come show you tubs by appointment! Weekday evenings Available too!