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As a service based company, we have repaired and refurbished hundreds of Hot Tubs here in the Fraser Valley. Our commitment has always been to give honest opinions, and to make sure that you are comfortable and confident in any purchase or repair you choose. Although a brand new Hot Tub will not require attention for many years, we strive to protect our customer’s investment, and to minimize expensive maintenance bills down the road.


For some a Hot Tub is seen as a luxury, for others it is a necessity for a functional life. Aside from being a great addition to your backyard, a hot tub can be a crucial tool for a healthy mind, body and soul. Hot tubs are proven to assist with minor aches and pains, soothe sore joints and muscles, provide therapy for arthritis, tendinitis, and fibromyalgia. Its also a great way to relieve stress. Soak in the morning to start the day off right, or in the evening to melt the day away and get an incredible night sleep.


A new Hot Tub can range in price from as low as $5000 to upwards of $20,000! Price of a hot tub can be based on many factors, such as construction, size, equipment, or simply brand name. Unfortunatelyju, st because its higher priced, doesn’t always mean it is a sound investment, and with continued rising costs of living, we want your Hot Tub to retain its value and see you through many years to come.

Below I've listed the most common building materials for Hot Tubs manufactured in the Fraser Valley. Often the majority of companies will use 1 or more of these potentially problematic elements in their manufacturing.

  • 1/2Lbs Expansion Foam Insulation 
  • Un-Pressure treated wood frame 
  • Ceder or Synthentic Cabinet

What does that mean for the lifespan of your Hot Tub?

These three scenarios alone or often in combination are what we encounter most often.

1) Your Hot Tub reaches an age where it will require maintenance. Gaskets & silocone break down causing minor leaks.  

2) Rodents have made a very comfortable home in the foam, chewing through pipes, making nests, and defecating in your tub.

3) Over many years, the Fraser Valley’s temperate rain forest causing a moist/wet environment has taken its toll on the construction.

Expansion foam insulation is extremley problematic when it comes to making minor repairs. It hides leaks by absorbing water, rendering the insulation value useless. The water being held by the expansion foam then has time to saturate and eventually rot out sections of the frame, and often into the skirted panels. A repair of this nature would require....

  • Full day's labour to manually dig out expansion foam
  • Materials & labour to replace rot damage
  • Parts & labour for a leak repair
  • Materials & labour for re-insulation
  • Materials & labour for Skirt Reconstruction 

Also with rodent damage, any scent left behind is nearly impossible to remove. With the future in mind and the proper construction, the minor issue of a plumbing leak could have cost a few hundred dollars and kept the lifespan of your hot tub moving forward, is now estimated in the THOUSANDS to repair. Majority of our customers choose to put their once high end/costly Hot Tub into the landfill, or donate them to us for refurbishment. 


Sunrise Spas has earned our confidence and our business. They have 25 years’ of industry experience in manufacturing Hot Tubs as well as the ability to deliver a quality brand with our customer’s priorities in mind.

Sunrise Spas features a frame constructed with a powder coated GALVANIZED STEEL. No rot, no rust.

Sunrise Spas insulates with a BAGGED ROXUL WOOL. Unable to become saturated, easily removed and replaced, this insulation will last the lifetime of your tub. Also with no place to dig, or burrow, you wont’ find critters making a home in your Hot tub, causing damage or chewing through pipes.

Sunrise Spas POLYSTEEL CABINTRY is maintenance free. No sanding, no re-painting, and no rot! They also open up on every side of the Hot Tub for 100% access!

Sunrise Spas reliable manufacturing paired with our company’s top notch service, we hope to bring you peace of mind, and satisfaction no other can provide. Come see what else we can offer you, because the list does not stop here!

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