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     Take charge of your buying experience. All Spa Repairs The Hot Tub Shop  is here to offer exceptional customer service and quality construction that will last for the lifetime of your Hot Tub!  After spending the better part of the last decade offering repair services & rebuilding local Hot Tubs brands available here in the Fraser Valley, Alistair & Amanda can offer educated choices & advice to ensure you find the right fit for your backyard and lifestyle. Let us connect the Hot Tub, so you can focus on connecting with ones who matter!

Can you fix my hot tub?

We can fix almost anything! Call 604-807-1586 to schedule a service call! We service Hot Tubs in Abbotsford, Mission, Aldergrove & Walnut Grove. 
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Do you offer New Hot Tubs?

We are the only Sunrise Spa Authorized Dealer in Western Canada! This Canadian made Hot Tub is known for its quality construction and competetive prices. Visit our showroom to see the difference this company makes providing value in your Hot Tub for many years to come! 

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Can you help with Chemicals?

Come into the shop and we can set you up with the necessities from our Dazzle Chemical line! Download our Chemical guide or watch our Chemical Tutorial Video if you just need a little help getting started!

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Do you sell Used Hot Tubs?

We sell Reconditioned Hot Tubs! Due to the work required to complete these tubs to our quality standards, they are in high demand! Check out our social media pages for updates on new tubs available, or come down to the shop to place a hold on a tub in progress! 
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Classic Collection  770sr/ez

Seats: 5 person hot tub with lounge
No. of Jets: 26 Two Tone Plastic
Dimensions: 78" x 78" x 36"
Water Capacity: 1,200 Litres

The 770 hot tub features a 1.5HPR or 4.5 HPR dual speed jet pump, and 26 two tone hydrotherapy massage jets.
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IMG 4064

Classic Collection 780sr/ez

Seats: 6 person hot tub
No. of Jets: 26 Two Tone Plastic
Dimensions: 78" x 78" x 36"
Water Capacity: 1,268 Litres

The 780 is a 120V/240V convertible hot tub featuring one 1.5 HPR or 4.5 HPR dual speed jet pump and 26 two-tone hydrotherapy massage jets.
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Classic Collection 870sx

Seats: 6 person hot tub with lounge
No. of Jets: 50 Two Tone Stainless
Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 36"
Water Capacity: 1,484 Litres

Most Popular!! The 870 hot tub is a spacious design for up to 6 adults featuring an ergonomically designed lounge, bench and bucket seating.
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IMG 3986

Classic Collection 880sx

Seats: 6 person hot tub
No. of Jets: 49 Two Tone Stainless
Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 36"
Water Capacity: 1,416 Litres

The 880 hot tub is a spacious design for 6 adults featuring two 5.0SPL dual speed jets pumps and 49 two-tone hydrotherapy jets.
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Alistair at All Spa is the best! Stopped in at All Spa on the way to the hot tub show, we were impressed. Still carried on to the show but we were barely there 5 mins when we knew we had to head back to All Spa. Alistair is up front and honest and very knowledgeable on product questions from his years of service expertise. Appreciated the smooth delivery and installation help. Very pleased with the quality and value of our Sunrise spa. Enjoying it every day!

" I requested them based on their Facebook reviews so I second all things that have already been said! Best part though was when a bee flew into the tub as we were going through all the work that was done, and Alistair scooped the little guy up and placed him down where he could dry off and he happily (I presume) flew away! 
If that doesn’t indicate the type of person you’re dealing with, I don’t know what else I could say! Great, courteous, professional service. Thanks guys!

A family business in every sense of the word. I feel like extended family with these guys! Alistair from All Spa Repairs in Abbotsford is an honest, fair, prompt, knowledgeable, and efficient (QUICK) spa technician. Not much more I can say about this company besides the fact that I won't be calling anyone else for my spa! These guys will ALWAYS get my business. ”
“Great service and a true passion for their industry, I highly recommend these guys!”
“Alistair is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I have no hesitation recommending All Spa for anyone who owns a hot tub and needs someone for support. I feel much more confident about my maintenance because I have them as a resource.”

Your Go-To Team for Hot Tub Sales and Repairs

Experience, integrity, and friendly service.

All Spa Repairs is Abbotsford's, and the Fraser Valley's, preferred choice for hot tub sales, service and parts.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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