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I Am More Than Just a Hot Tub Repair Man... 

I have spent most of my life growing up around hot tubs. I am the son of a detail orientated Scotsman (Raymond Hart) who takes pride in workmanship. I have not only become an expert in my trade, learning by my fathers' side who has spent 30 years in the Hot Tub/Spa Industry, but now have the opportunity to teach the old man a thing or two when I can.  Together we have spent the better part of the last decade providing service and education to the Fraser Valley. Although, in December of 2017 Raymond had made the decision to retire. He spends his days with his wife, golfing, tinkering around the house and challenging the locals to a serious game of pickle-ball. He pops in now and again to lend a hand, but only when fair weather permits.   

As for myself, I am equipped with a unique trade that requires skills in a multitude of different mediums; carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and problem solving. There are countless brands of hot tubs all with unique parts that are consistently becoming extinct, so creativity and a relentless desire to ensure no job is left without a solution are my biggest assets. 

No two hot tubs are built a like, I can walk you through step by step each fundamental detail of how every hot tub brand is made; what is good, what is bad, and what is potentially ugly. I can give you insight to what is "Under the Hood" of your Hot Tub, and education for preventative maintenance to get the most out of your Spa. Transparency and honest advice has been the ground wire of my business.

Also on my team is my wife Amanda. She has stepped into a variety of roles including 'Office Manager', 'Receptionist', 'Book Keeper' and has enlightened our social media connection. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, she also assists me with rebuilds, often spending her days covered in dust and paint. Amanda has done well to soak in as much information as possible over the last year and can offer information on chemicals, filters, maintenance, and our Sunrise Spas, but will get our clients in contact with myself for more technical issues.

When we are not in the shop, or out in the field, we spend our time with our 7 year old son & friends, often winding down the day with a soak in the Hot Tub. 

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Alistair Hart

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