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While it is still very much industry standard to insulate with expansion foam, and granted for some their hot tub can potentially run 10 years (sometimes more if they are lucky) without a single issue, we prefer a little more transparency. We are all still human, mistakes can be made during manufacturing, or special circumstances can cause issues.

In our experience it wastes a lot time, effort and money when you have a layer of foam stuck in-between you and your plumbing. Not to mention the long term maintenance that will inevitably need to come. We've even had a few little glitches with our Sunrise Spas (nobodie's perfect) but the difference being, we had the accessibility to resolve those issues quickly and efficiently for our customers.

When a leak occurs in a unit full of expansion foam, it makes it very difficult to identify where water is coming from, if you happen to notice in time. Expansion foam also absorbs the water, rendering the insulation value useless, pulling heat away from the tub. The water being held by the expansion foam then has potential to saturate and eventually rot out sections of the frame, and often into the skirted panels. A repair of this nature would require....

  • Full day's labour to manually dig out expansion foam
  • Materials & labour to replace rot damage
  • Parts & labour for a leak repair
  • Materials & labour for re-insulation
  • Materials & labour for Skirt Reconstruction 

Rodents and pests love the soft texture, if they can get in, they will make their homes inside your hot tub, potentially chewing through pipes & wires. If the Hot Tub is older, a plumbing leak could have cost a few hundred dollars and kept the lifespan of your hot tub moving forward, is now estimated in the THOUSANDS to repair because it had gone undetected, causing more damage. The majority of our repair customers choose to put their once high end/costly Hot Tub into the landfill.

-in-expensive way to insulate
-light weight

-absorbs water & heavy when wet 
-insulation value ZERO if wet 
-conceals leaks 
-desirable home to pests (rats, mice, wasps)
-messy & time consuming to remove 
-if allowed to hold water can rot sections of your frame


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