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Ozone is a naturally occurring gas produced by Ultra Violet light. It breaks down quickly with oxygen found in water and air. It reacts easily with carbon and is 3000x more effective at killing bacteria than chlorine. Ozone gas is created, then drawn through a mazzei injector, and finally passed through a jet for delivery. 

It appears as bubbles throughout the water of your Hot Tub. Depending on how the hot tub has been plumbed, Ozone gas can either be delivered with the filtration cycle, or is sometimes placed on a dedicated line through the circulating pump delivering gas 24/7.

Ozone boxes have a half life. Year One 100%, Year Two 50%, Year Three 25%. After the 3rd year it is recommended to replace for optimal performance. Ozone gas released into the water will combat & reduce the rate at which bacteria multiplies. It also oxidizes the water helping to release chloramines/bromines. While it doesn’t eliminate the need for a chlorine/bromine entirely, it is a safe and proven method that assists with bacteria control in a hot tub and will allow a reduction in the amount of chemicals required.


-Reduces the amount of chemicals required to control bacteria

-Affordable to run. $200/every 3 years

-Keeps water clean in-between uses

-Oxidizes water, releasing chloramines/bromines and reducing harsh scents


-Needs to be replaced every 3 years

-If the Hot Tub is not currently “ozone ready” it will require a small investment to install (Approximately $300-$500)


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