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Hot tubs require a sanitizer to kill bacteria growth from a hot tub. This can include chlorine, bromine, natural enzymes (which still requires a chemical sanitizer in conjunction) hydrogen peroxide, and of course Salt.

Salt is simply 'Sodium Chloride' that goes through an electrolysis process which splits the molecule into 2 parts; sodium & chlorine. The chlorine will controll bacteria growth, leaving the sodium behind. Unfortunately salt is quite corrosive on equipment inside the tub. 


-Water feels softer & amazing on your skin

-Consistent levels of chlorine to kill bacteria


-Expensive upgrade required in order to be compatible with your hot tub.

-High Temps = More Bacteria Growth = High Salt Content to Control

-Salt clogs & crystalizes filters

-Salt burns through expensive equipment much quicker than a tub not running salt (pumps, heaters…etc)

Salt water is a great addition in pools, but they generally have equipment and filters designed to handle the salt content that passes through them. (Sand Filters!) In the end it’s a personal decision on how you prefer to sanitize your tub, but we want to be sure all angles are considered.

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