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There are 100’s of filters on the market, and the one that you are required to use in your hot tub is determined by the manufacturer.  

Higher Square footage = More Fabric Pleats   The question is… does a Hot Tub with a high square footage filter keep the water cleaner? 


In the short…. No. The effectiveness of a filter will rely primarily on 3 factors

  1. Flow Rate: Water that is being drawn through the filter
  2. Filtration Settings: how many hours a day is the Hot Tub programmed to filter for
  3. Filter Maintenance: Monthly cleanings for the filter

Regardless if the filter has 25sqft of fabric or 100sqft, as a regular maintenance rule we recommended cleaning once a month. If a 100sqft filter becomes gradually soiled over the course of a few months, it will require more time/effort to clean it, but more importantly the chlorine/bromine used will be wasted. Chlorine is designed to attack any an all bacteria particles it connects with, therefore the chlorine will continuously try to combat the bacteria being held in the fabric, making the amount of sanitizer required to keep the water clean much higher. With proper care a filter should last about 1 year.

How to Clean:

Pull the filter out and hose out any debris caught by the fabric pleats. Soak the filter overnight in water and a non-bubbling de-greasing agent. We recommend Rapid Action Filter Cleanse by Dazzle, but you could also use a dish-washer detergent.

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